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Now winter is comming slowly, and the drops of water falling from heaven, change their shape, and move slower as shiny crystals, and can enjoy the way to earth more. Might be, we are similar with our changing of shape in wisdom, and deeper in it, we can enjoy the movements towards our destiny more, and deeper than ever before.

The time we live in, is full of bad things happening today, and we are under the pile of sick brains that try to keep as many people as possible, from the change they are destined to go through. They but dont win. (more…)


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Someone wise said:

“It is possible to lie to everyone for some time. It also is possible to lie to some, forever. It is but not possible to lie to everyone, and forever.”

And I happily agree  😉

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It is quite long time I didn’t post anything here, even these are so interesting and important times. Or might be, just that´s the reason I didn’t. Some may say, I had too much work, but they were not right. I have been witnessing all that in silence, and tried to get to its roots.


We witnessed so much in such a short period. I could mention invasion to Gaza, Obama became a president, Mexican grip, Lisbon agreement, Financial crisis getting deeper, media cover-ups, Boycotted speech of Ahmadinejad, US talks about attacking Iran, Russia blocks gas, and many others…. But I will not, not at all. All this mentioned happenings were not as important for me, as the movement that is hidden in all that things, and many other happenings today.

Are you curious what is it? 🙂 Let´s see, look around you to people. (more…)

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fear-turtle2I travel in the last time quite a lot, and on one of the trips in the plane, I experienced something that made me to remind, how the fear works, and establishes in the heads of people, to overpower them….


Landing to Istanbul, I saw how beautifull the city in the night is, and wanted sponateously, to make a picture with my mobile that was in flight mode, of course. As I took it out, and made a first picture, people in the aeroplane started to shout, and I didnt know whats going on. I turned my head, and I saw people comming near to me, with a terrible fear in their faces, screaming, (more…)

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Flags and trasparents are in peace in the box, and people are dreaming their dreams of better future. Yes – US elections are over.

On the crossroads of history, facing financial crysis of global dimensions, in the middle of “war against terrorism”, when human rights and freedom are curtailed in the name of national interests, when internet cesnorship is spreading throughout the world, and milions of innocent human beings suffer in the hell they can´t escape, we have got new president of the country, that has a major influence on all above mentioned issues. I could say topics, but I use the word issues deliberately.

(Videlicet) about the topics we can lead discussions, or it can be just taken into cosideration, but issues need to be solved. And Obama must face it, after he undertakes his mandate actively. I dont feel, the direction is going to be changed 180°. It simply cant be, as the train is on a way, and to stop it, could take more effort than just to keep it go as planed… unfortunately. It can be but adjusted, and for that I say, may he has a blessed hand, by deciding.

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