Hopi prophecy



There is an other prophecy, possibly not so much known by many, and it is the Hopi prophecy. So I post it here case some didnt knew it. We all know the Hindu, Islam, or Christian prophecies, but this one maybe not so much. Interesting reading.


Hopi and where they come from:

Hopi are the descendants of a highly developed culture, with inhabitating area from Grand Canyon to Toko’navi (Navajo Mountain), toward the Lukachukai Mountains, near the New Mexico/Arizona border. Their ancestors lived in that area for thousands of years, and around year 1200 they inhabitated tutsqua (area) that was of 18 million acres once.

 In these days, Hopi, after all the persecution, from the Christian missionars to US government, we know from history, they remain living in last 9 villages Continue Reading »


Song of love

birds-of-heartI see the love as a light that is owned by no one, as birth that flies freely along the skies singing, but its song is heard by all, yet they cant catch the bird, nor the song, even filled with its Continue Reading »

Art from behind


Some artists have a special quality to bring to people treasuries of knowledge, and for me, William Blake was one of them. If I look at his art, I am getting nice portion of the cake, called beauty and joy.

I use to read his poetry, and find so much wisdom in it.

I put 2 pieces of the cake here too – one picture, and one poem I like maybe the most, and I hope, Continue Reading »


plant-to-be-a-flowerQuite simple word, isn´t it – satisfaction? Yet, if you ask someone to describe it to you, he will be taken by surprise possibly.


Trully, this word plays a very important role in our lives, of which we possibly even dont think. We do things to be satisfied, we do things to make satisfied others, and generaly, we want to be satisfied in our lives, and all we do, commes to this point. So, it is the time to ask the question, what do we realy want if we want satisfaction, isnt it?

And you will get possibly many explanation of it. Some say that satisfaction is a feeling, when everything goes well, as we like it, than we get satisfied. Some say, it is comming when we are successfull. Some will complain, and say that satiasfaction is to see the children grow and love them. And some….. Yes, we could really find much more explanations than that. And yes, we use it so often and unknowingly that we forgot to stop for a short, and ask that simple, yet important question, of what this word does really mean.

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Mayan Prophecy


I heard about Mayan prophecy many years ago already, and there was written so much about it till now too.
The fact is, that the Mayans knew about the cycle of solar system movement through the Milky Way, and were able to say when exactly will it occur, and we can confirm it today. They also knew it has something to do with the human consciousness, possibly they knew it very well. They created a calendar, much precise than any other , built amazing buildings and……… So, let’s ask a different questions – how did these guys with axes and spears knew it? 😉

The Mayan, and all other early civilisations used one model of transfering the information, and that is the symbolism in stories and pictures. So the ancestors could transfer the essence of it to their children. A story, that can be said by 1000 ways, and in any of ages, but leads to one and the same source. Not by words, but by the stories or pictures (even sounds funny), same as saints of India, through their Guru-Shishya Parampara system, bringing disciple through their guidance, to his own Self. For some of them were given pictures, for some of them stories, names…, and few could comprehend it directly…very few.

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Moments of peace


Flags and trasparents are in peace in the box, and people are dreaming their dreams of better future. Yes – US elections are over.

On the crossroads of history, facing financial crysis of global dimensions, in the middle of “war against terrorism”, when human rights and freedom are curtailed in the name of national interests, when internet cesnorship is spreading throughout the world, and milions of innocent human beings suffer in the hell they can´t escape, we have got new president of the country, that has a major influence on all above mentioned issues. I could say topics, but I use the word issues deliberately.

(Videlicet) about the topics we can lead discussions, or it can be just taken into cosideration, but issues need to be solved. And Obama must face it, after he undertakes his mandate actively. I dont feel, the direction is going to be changed 180°. It simply cant be, as the train is on a way, and to stop it, could take more effort than just to keep it go as planed… unfortunately. It can be but adjusted, and for that I say, may he has a blessed hand, by deciding.
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Touches the grasslands with breezes mild

where sound of heart-beat trill

Its Breath though unheard, for the wild

song sweet for those being still


May breezes flow, and song its far

may heard be clear and strong!

Brings rain and sun to vineyard

the beauty fruit, along


When flower sprout, and fruit is sweet

for whom it has to grow?

A questionmark, that Breath, heart-beat

that answer makes you know

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