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birds-of-heartI see the love as a light that is owned by no one, as birth that flies freely along the skies singing, but its song is heard by all, yet they cant catch the bird, nor the song, even filled with its (more…)


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Art from behind


Some artists have a special quality to bring to people treasuries of knowledge, and for me, William Blake was one of them. If I look at his art, I am getting nice portion of the cake, called beauty and joy.

I use to read his poetry, and find so much wisdom in it.

I put 2 pieces of the cake here too – one picture, and one poem I like maybe the most, and I hope, (more…)

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The world today looks quite funny, and seeing all that, there is a lot to talk about, to post opinions, and combine information, in order to make others know, what do you think about the situation, and so on. It is fun to talk about all that, and enlarge the view that you may have on some topics, by including other´s positions, views, opinions.

Its fun, but by going through all that so long, I just suddelny understood, that there is no comprehension of the real status of the things discussed, by leading discussions itself, accepting opinions of someone, only because it sounds good to my mind, and other artificial things. There needs to be implemented some another sense, some another instrument, by which it will become deeper than the discussion itself only, to digg to the roots of the problem better. I have seen so many times, people changing their positions, based only on better or louder arguments of someone, even they have no clue if he/she is right or not, but they do it though. I am really tired of that.

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