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Someone wise said:

“It is possible to lie to everyone for some time. It also is possible to lie to some, forever. It is but not possible to lie to everyone, and forever.”

And I happily agree ¬†ūüėČ


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Touches the grasslands with breezes mild

where sound of heart-beat trill

Its Breath though unheard, for the wild

song sweet for those being still


May breezes flow, and song its far

may heard be clear and strong!

Brings rain and sun to vineyard

the beauty fruit, along


When flower sprout, and fruit is sweet

for whom it has to grow?

A questionmark, that Breath, heart-beat

that answer makes you know

¬† (more…)

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When I started to learn how to get deeper into the things, how to meditate, and especially how to understand things that are almost impossible to be expressed in words like love, anger, understanding, God, time or space Рthat was somewhere back in my childhood РI wanted to deprive myself from all that attempts of following of opinions of others, their guidances, rituals, advices, that still only describe the object from their own point of view, but not the object itself.

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