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Ships and wind


One of the beautifull dialogues, I had with my, that time little, son Michael:


– Daddy, what is at the end of the universe? 

– Universe doesnt have end, in this space. 

– And exist there more universes than this one? 

– Yes, it does, countless…
– And that universes are abreast each other?

– It is difficult question. They exist simultaneously, but it is difficult to explain.

– But, if it would be abreast each other, what would have been in between them?

– You would have been somewhere, where there is no space or time. 

– Is it where God lives? 

– Yes, he lives there too. 



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Someone wise said:

“It is possible to lie to everyone for some time. It also is possible to lie to some, forever. It is but not possible to lie to everyone, and forever.”

And I happily agree  😉

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Flags and trasparents are in peace in the box, and people are dreaming their dreams of better future. Yes – US elections are over.

On the crossroads of history, facing financial crysis of global dimensions, in the middle of “war against terrorism”, when human rights and freedom are curtailed in the name of national interests, when internet cesnorship is spreading throughout the world, and milions of innocent human beings suffer in the hell they can´t escape, we have got new president of the country, that has a major influence on all above mentioned issues. I could say topics, but I use the word issues deliberately.

(Videlicet) about the topics we can lead discussions, or it can be just taken into cosideration, but issues need to be solved. And Obama must face it, after he undertakes his mandate actively. I dont feel, the direction is going to be changed 180°. It simply cant be, as the train is on a way, and to stop it, could take more effort than just to keep it go as planed… unfortunately. It can be but adjusted, and for that I say, may he has a blessed hand, by deciding.

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