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Art from behind


Some artists have a special quality to bring to people treasuries of knowledge, and for me, William Blake was one of them. If I look at his art, I am getting nice portion of the cake, called beauty and joy.

I use to read his poetry, and find so much wisdom in it.

I put 2 pieces of the cake here too – one picture, and one poem I like maybe the most, and I hope, (more…)


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Touches the grasslands with breezes mild

where sound of heart-beat trill

Its Breath though unheard, for the wild

song sweet for those being still


May breezes flow, and song its far

may heard be clear and strong!

Brings rain and sun to vineyard

the beauty fruit, along


When flower sprout, and fruit is sweet

for whom it has to grow?

A questionmark, that Breath, heart-beat

that answer makes you know


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